Airbus! Art of the Week 3/22/16

airbus airplane art of the week newsletter

The Airbus!  18" x 24" of bold bright colors mounted on wood.  Prints, cards, and necklaces are also available at

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Beagle! Art of the Week 3/15/16

art of the week beagle dog news newsletter

The Beagle joins his puppy friends in my Artisticle Dog Collection.  This guy is 18" x 24" ink on paper on wood.  He stand in front of dark purple circles with a green frame and a background of various reds and yellow dots.  The original drawing along with prints are cards are available for purchase.  I'm currently working on an airplane for next week.

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Artisticle of the Week 3/7/16

art of the week dinosaur news newsletter pterodactyl

  The Dinosaur Collection is growing!  This Pterodactyl is joining the T Rex and Triceratops I already have completed.  Prints, cards, necklaces, and the original are available to purchase at  Shipping is always free and all items are manufactured in California.

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4 Leaf Clover! Artisticle of the Week 3/1/16

art of the week clover news newsletter

The 4 Lead Clover is my featured art of the week for March 1st!  It's blue, green, and yellow.  The original is 18"x24" ink on paper on wood and available for purchase.  Prints, cards, and necklaces are also available at

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Chipmunk! Artisticle of the Week 2/23/16

art of the week chipmunk news newsletter

  This is the Grand Master Chipmunk and His Golden Nut.  He is happy to share his magical nut with you since he is this week's featured art piece.  The original is 18" x24" ink on paper on wood and is available for purchase.  You can also purchase prints, cards, and necklaces in my shop.

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